Delivery Calls

Delivery calls follow-up with customers that have recently purchased a vehicle. We ensure that the vehicle was clean, trouble-free and if there is anything else the customer might need.

  • Track delivery process.

  • Create referrals.

  • Enhance CSI scores.

  • Improve customer loyalty.


Sample Delivery Survey:

1 Did your salesperson explain fully the features and functions of the vehicle you purchased? Yes/No/NR
2 Was your vehicle clean when you took delivery at Dealer? Yes/No/NR
3 Was the factory warranty explained to your understanding? Yes/No/NR
4 Has your sales representative contacted you since your purchase? Yes/No/NR
5 Would you return to Dealer again and recommend it to others? Yes/No/NR
6 You will receive a survey from the manufacturer about your purchase. Can we count on you to send the survey back indicating that the dealership contacted you and that you are Completely Satisfied? Yes/No/NR
7 What can Dealer do to add further quality to your purchase experience? Essay
8 Is there anything else you would like Dealer to know about your purchase? Essay