Pre-Paid Maintenance


Dealer Owned Program


Tracking & Reports


Dealer Retention

Dealer Owned Program

The dealer has comprehensive ownership and expression of its Advantage Plan. All benefits, terms and pricing of the Plan can be customized and designed exclusively by the dealer. Advantage Plus will incorporate the dealer definitions and preferences into its maintenance software, enabling the dealer the ability to easily and efficiently monitor its own program.

Internet Based

There is no software to buy, lease or load. The maintenance software is entirely web-based and accessible through any internet connected PC. Defined security password levels are available to allow the dealer to easily manage and/or limit employee access.

E-Mail Marketing

Advantage Plus provides an all inclusive email marketing campaign that can be completely customized by the dealer. These campaigns are dealer defined and sent as often as the dealer would like. In addition, our follow-up emails can be programmed to automatically remind the customer when service is due.

Up-Sell Tracking

The Advantage Plan software automatically tracks up-sell amounts by individual service advisers for all maintenance redemptions. A well designed maintenance program affords the service department valuable up-sell opportunities. The Advantage Plan software calculates and generates reports to determine if the dealership is taking advantage of its up-sell potential.


Dealer Retains All Funds

Unique and distinctively different than a third party administrator program, the funds received for the Service Advantage Plan remain solely with the dealership to access and control. This program will END CONCERNS regarding the solvency of a third party administrator as well as eliminate the need to wait on funds.

Dealer Retains All Investment Income

Because the funds are held in the dealer’s own reserve account, all investment income is retained exclusively by the dealer.

Dealer Retains All Unused Premiums

In the event there is any unused premiums after the expiration date on a contract, the dealer is entitled to 100 percent of those unused premiums and will have instant access to those funds. Our software automatically calculates and generates the necessary information so you will know immediately when a contract expires and the amount of the unused premiums to be retained.