Prospect Calls
Prospect calls are placed to potential buyers. We obtain additional information pertaining why they did not purchase and what can be done to seal the deal.
  • Track advertisement effectiveness.

  • Obtain customer perception of the sales process.

  • Gain additional sales.

Sample Prospect Survey:

1 Which of the following brought you to Dealer? Response
2 Were you greeted promptly and courteously by your salesperson? Yes/No/NR
3 Did your salesperson thoroughly discuss your transportation needs? Yes/No/NR
4 Did your salesperson review your Buddy Jones Loyalty Advantage with you during your visit? Yes/No/NR
5 Did our dealership have a vehicle that you were interested in? Yes/No/NR
6 Were you offered a test drive? Yes/No/NR
7 Did you like the vehicle well enough to own it? Yes/No/NR
8 Were you introduced to a Sales Manager during your visit? Yes/No/NR
9 Has a representative from Dealer contacted you since your visit? Yes/No/NR
10 Have you purchased a vehicle yet? Yes/No/NR
11 If No to question #9 proceed to Question #11. If Yes to Question #9 ask: Where? Short Answer
12 Considering your overall experience at our dealership, what is the main reason you did not purchase and what can we do to earn your business? Essay