Service Calls

Service calls are made to recent service department customers. We determine if the customer was greeted and the service work was done to their satisfaction and if there is anything that they can suggest to improve their experience.

  • Increase service profits.

  • Track customer's service experience.

  • Generate additional sales opportunities.

  • Improve CSI scores.


Sample Service Survey:

1 Were you greeted and welcomed to Buddy Jones Ford Lincoln/Mercury when you arrived? Yes/No/NR
2 Was your vehicle ready in the time promised? Yes/No/NR
3 Did your service advisor keep you informed of repair/service progress and call you when it was ready? Yes/No/NR
4 Did your Service Advisor explain the charges and the repair to you? Yes/No/NR
5 Did we correct all of your vehicle problems on this visit? Yes/No/NR
6 If the concern was not fixed, was it because: (Choose which is most appropriate)? Response
7 You could be receiving a survey from the manufacturer. Can we count on you to send yours back, indicating that you were contacted by the dealership and that you were completely satisfied? Yes/No/NR
8 Will you return to the Service Department and recommend it to others? Yes/No/NR
9 Did you purchase your vehicle from Dealer? Yes/No/NR
10 Which of the following best describes when you will be in the market for your next vehicle? Response
11 What, if anything, can we do to improve your service experience at DEALER? Essay