The Benefits of Service Rewards

Increased Service Business

Over 75 percent of all service work done in this country is performed by independent quick lube and tire stores. The perceived price and convenience brings customers in and they quickly develop the habit of returning regularly. It is human nature to continue to do business at the same establishments. Dealerships can change the habits of these customers and guide them back to their stores by providing loyalty incentives on low cost, repetitive service items.

Acquisition of E-Mail Addresses

The ease of marketing to your customers through the inherently no-cost medium of the internet cannot be understated. However, the challenge of capturing email addresses has always been an ongoing concern for most businesses. Our unique password protocol automatically captures email addresses; thereby, significantly increasing your database of email addresses.

Increased F&I Penetration

By providing customers additional value with the purchase of your extended service contract, Gap and Etch, it increases the perceived value. Giving the customer additional value will, in turn, increase the sales of these products. Help take the ‘cost’ out of the equation by offering bonus points for various products and/or packages offered in the finance office.

Additional Vehicle Sales

A high percentage of your service customers most likely did not purchase their vehicle from your dealership. Our extraction process identifies these customers and provides you with the opportunity to activate them into the program to ensure they are given a solid financial incentive to buy their next vehicle from you. This program allows you to offer these customers discounts on selected models based upon their service loyalty. Each activated customer is offered the same financial incentive to ‘shop here first.’

Increased Hits on Your Website

Your dealership has spent considerable time and money to develop its website. Our goal is to create traffic across this site through the program. This is done via a ‘hot-link’ icon on your dealership website that allows your customers to access their Service Rewards Program.

Competitor Targeting

Many of your customers live within proximity of your competitors. To shield those customers from your competitor’s advertising and the advantage of its location, our program can identify those customers within your competitor’s geographic region. Additionally, by activating them into the program, we will enhance their loyalty to your dealership by giving them a solid financial reason to continue doing business with you, despite the onslaught of competitor advertising and incentives.